Hi, my name is Kevin,

I have been working as a self employed Electrician since 2006. I specialise in domestic electrical installation, I love working with my customers properties and helping them create their ideal home.

I have worked with thousands of clients and on a massive variety of jobs from replacing individual lights to rewiring 10,000 SqFt warehouses conversions. I pride myself on leaving each customer satisfied with the work done.

I have been fortunate enough to have built a successful business in London, I have now relocated to South Lanarkshire and I intend to continue my success with all my new customers. I put my success down to having good communication with my customers, making realistic schedules and sticking to deadlines while producing a high quality installation.

I aim to create the best electrical installation possible for my customer making sure it will suit their needs, this may mean designing a simple installation to meet a budget, a robust installation to meet high demands or allowing for future flexibility. Most importantly I like to give my customers enough information so they can make the correct choices for their home.

I have been involved in some fantastic projects over the years some with incredibly ambitious outcomes, some technically difficult while others having amasingly tight schedules. I find that the best projects are usually the ones where real thought and consideration have been put into the buildings future use.

I will always help my customers consider the real needs of their property, not just tick boxes x number of sockets, lights etc. but making sure locations are the most appropriate for the best use. Correctly locating two lights may save you putting in a third or making sure you’re not going to be backlit when looking in your bathroom mirror.

Thank you for reading a bit more about me and my service, please take a look at my customers reviews of my service and my previous work via the buttons.

Regards, Kevin Gospage

Picture of Kevin Gospage